How long does it take to get a quote?

In most cases promotional product quotes are returned within 1 business day of your request. (Faster quotes can be done if required, just let us know at the time of your request)

If your promotional item request has additional complexities such as an extraordinary large number of items, or importation requirements, this may be extended.
Delay also may be experienced in peak periods. (Lead up to Christmas)


How long will it take to supply my promotional items?

Lead times are generally quoted for each individual item in our promotional product proposals. However, if you have a date that needs to be met, please let us know during the quote request process, and we will do our best to accommodate.

As guide, please refer below,

Stocking items require a lead time of 1 / 2 working days. (as long we don’t require export certificates, certificates of origin, etc.)

For decoration / production lead times for locally stocked items is generally 2-4 weeks (Depending on the product and approval process)

Indent promotional items (custom made to order in an overseas factory) take longer as shipping times need to be considered. Air Freight (normally 5-6 weeks) is available to speed up the delivery process, but this does come to a premium. Sea freight (anywhere from 8-12 weeks) is far more cost effective.


I can’t find the item I looking for, can you help?

Yes, we can!

Whilst we make every attempt to showcase an ever increasing range of products on our website, it is almost impossible to maintain the 10`s of thousands of promotional products we have access to.

If you cannot find a specific item you are looking for, please Contact Us, we will be happy to investigate.


Will Leagues custom make promotional items and corporate gifts to my specification?

We love a challenge!

Since Leagues launched in 1997, we have helped our clients market their products and brands with an array of custom made items.

A comprehensive brief is always a good place to start (If available). This should include details like budget per unit, volume, date required, and if possible / required an illustration of description of what if is you’d like to create.

Please be aware that this process does take time, but is very rewarding. Developing a concept requires much consultation between all parties involved to make sure the result is as expected.


Does Leagues supply and ship promotional products Europe(including all former CIS countries), Africa and Middle East wide?

Yes! Leagues will supply & ship promotional products and corporate gifts to anywhere in this area.

If you require corporate gifts etc… to be shipped to multiple locations, including direct to the recipient, we can offer the logistical solutions to make this happen. Contact us for more information.


What is Leagues return policy and who needs to pay the return freight?

As a consumer you can return merchandise without a reason within two weeks from receipt of the merchandise. Please check our Terms of Sales for details.

Commercial customers please contact our Customer Service for details.


What forms of payment does Leagues accept?

Visa,MasterCard and Diners are accepted for online purchases. Billing arrangements can be made with our customer service department for commercial customers.