Welcome to Leagues GmbH

Leagues GmbH is a very special promotional company, specializing in Brand Management.

Leagues GmbH has been founded in the steady growth process of Leagues Pty Ltd. For more than 20 years Leagues Pty Ltd has been active as a wholesale supplier in the promotional business of Australia and has now branched out and made the step in to Germany.

Leagues GmbH will serve their clients in the world of Brand Management and Corporate Promotions in the EAME area (Europe, Africa and Middle East). Working with an experienced German team who has been serving their customers from Russia to South Africa and the total area between it in a professional and proficient manner.
Leagues GmbH will not only develop, source, store and distribute promotional products for corporate entities, but maybe more importantly support all corporate-field-offices, dealers and dealers-customers to purchase all their promotional needs for everyday use and specialized events.

Our Staff will be able to help you find and/or design a promotional catalogue full of promotional gifts and clothing to cover and support your brand.

Please contact us to discuss how we can support your brand.